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The mission of the International Youth Edu-Skills Foundation is to motivate and involve young people to solve the world’s toughest problems with their full potential and work towards building a brighter future.



Empowering youth through education, skills, employment and entrepreneurship to achieve United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.


Youth Empowerment

At IYESF, "Youth Empowerment" is a profound commitment to providing comprehensive opportunities for the success of young individuals worldwide. Our dedication manifests through the dissemination of various youth-centric opportunities, encompassing scholarships, competitions, and conferences. Through strategic collaborations with both national and international organizations, we actively orchestrate a diverse range of events, forums, and competitions. This multifaceted approach aims to ensure that the global youth community has unobstructed access to the resources essential for their success. By fostering an inclusive and empowering environment, we strive to uplift and inspire the next generation. Join us in our mission to create a world where every young person is equipped with the tools and opportunities needed to realize their full potential. Together, we can forge a path towards a brighter future for the global youth community.

International Cooperation

IYESF focuses on forging strategic partnerships with diverse global organizations. Through collaborative efforts, we aim to execute impactful projects. These international collaborations empower us to deliver comprehensive solutions that transcend borders, addressing crucial challenges faced by youth worldwide. By fostering cross-cultural exchanges and leveraging shared expertise, IYESF endeavors to create a positive global impact, championing the cause of youth empowerment, education, and sustainable development. Our commitment to international cooperation reflects our vision for a connected world, where collaborative initiatives contribute to the holistic growth of the global youth community."

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Entrepreneurship & Business Collaboration

IYESF drives Entrepreneurship & Business Collaboration to empower youth with practical skills and foster economic growth. We facilitate partnerships with businesses, offering mentorship, workshops, and resources for aspiring entrepreneurs. Our programs focus on cultivating innovative ideas, promoting sustainable practices, and guiding young minds towards successful ventures. By connecting youth with global business opportunities, we aim to create a dynamic ecosystem that nurtures entrepreneurship, encourages economic self-reliance, and contributes to a thriving global economy. Through strategic collaborations and skill development initiatives, IYESF paves the way for the next generation of successful entrepreneurs and business leaders.

Social & Charity Work

As proud recipients of the international "We are Together" award in 2021, IYESF gained recognition for its outstanding humanitarian project, the "COVID Help Store." This initiative showcased our dedication to providing essential support during challenging times. Additionally, our annual distribution of blankets to the homeless during winters and various free food drives throughout the year underscores our ongoing commitment to addressing the immediate needs of vulnerable populations. Through these endeavors, IYESF strives to create a positive and lasting difference, embodying the spirit of compassion and solidarity in our pursuit of social welfare and charity. We actively collaborate with local and international partners to implement projects that uplift underprivileged individuals and communities. Together, we strive to build a more equitable and compassionate world.

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Centre for BRICS Collaboration

(BRICS Centre)

At the Center for BRICS Collaboration within the IYES Foundation, our unwavering commitment lies in fostering opportunities for entrepreneurs across the BRICS nations. Our array of meticulously designed programs and resources aims to bolster innovative startups while fostering collaborative ventures across borders.

Dedication to Entrepreneurs:
Our primary focus is to extend comprehensive support to entrepreneurs navigating the diverse business landscapes of Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa. Recognizing the unique challenges faced by startups in each BRICS country, we tailor our initiatives to provide targeted assistance.

Tailored Programs and Resources:
Our suite of programs is intricately crafted to cater to the specific needs of startups in the BRICS region. From mentorship programs to funding opportunities, we provide a diverse range of resources to nurture and propel the growth of emerging businesses.

Facilitating Cross-Border Collaboration:
We understand the significance of cross-border collaboration in today's global business environment. Our initiatives actively encourage and facilitate partnerships between entrepreneurs in different BRICS nations, fostering a collaborative ecosystem that transcends geographical boundaries.

Global Network:
With a global network that spans across the BRICS countries, we offer a unique platform for entrepreneurs to connect, share insights, and explore collaborative ventures. This interconnected community serves as a valuable resource for knowledge exchange and business expansion.

Support for Business Growth:
Whether you're a startup founder in the bustling markets of Brazil, the dynamic landscape of Russia, the vibrant entrepreneurial scene in India, the rapidly evolving market in China, or the diverse business environment of South Africa, our foundation is committed to providing you with the support and resources necessary to foster the growth of your business.

Access to Resources:
We recognize that access to resources is crucial for the success of any startup. Through our center, entrepreneurs gain access to a wealth of resources, including industry insights, mentorship programs, funding opportunities, and networking events, ensuring a well-rounded support system for their entrepreneurial journey.

In essence, the IYES Foundation's Center for BRICS Collaboration stands as a beacon for entrepreneurs seeking to navigate the complexities of business in the BRICS nations, offering tailored support, fostering collaboration, and creating a conducive environment for the growth and success of startups.

Centre for International 

Collaboration (CIC)

Within the expansive framework of the IYES Foundation, the Centre for International Collaboration (CIC) is actively engaged in forging impactful partnerships that extend beyond the BRICS nations. Our fundamental belief is rooted in the notion that international cooperation and exchange serve as catalysts for fostering understanding and cultivating opportunities for the development of youth entrepreneurship and leadership.

Mission and Values:
At the core of our endeavors lies a commitment to nurturing a global environment where young individuals can thrive and contribute meaningfully to society. We recognize that the exchange of ideas, collaboration, and collective efforts are pivotal in creating avenues for youth development on an international scale.

Importance of International Cooperation:
International cooperation, in our perspective, is not merely a diplomatic endeavor but a profound mechanism that unlocks opportunities for youth empowerment and leadership. By transcending geographical boundaries, we aim to provide a platform where diverse perspectives converge, fostering an environment conducive to innovation, collaboration, and cross-cultural understanding.

Programs for Youth Development:
Our diverse array of programs is meticulously designed to empower youth across the globe. These initiatives serve as conduits for acquiring new skills, building extensive networks, and catalyzing positive change within their respective communities. Through skill development, mentorship, and leadership training, we aspire to equip the youth with the tools they need to make a lasting impact.

Global Collaborations:
The Centre for International Collaboration extends an open invitation to like-minded partners worldwide who resonate with our mission and values. We recognize the power of collective action and seek collaboration with organizations and entities that share our vision of fostering youth development through international cooperation.

Creating Opportunities:
Our collaborative efforts are geared towards creating tangible opportunities for youth to explore, learn, and lead. By connecting with partners globally, we aim to bridge gaps, facilitate knowledge exchange, and create a synergistic space where youth can flourish and contribute meaningfully to society.

Values-Driven Collaboration:
We are committed to collaborating with entities that align with our values and mission. Our collaborative ventures are built on a foundation of shared principles, ensuring that every partnership contributes meaningfully to the overarching goal of youth development and empowerment.

In essence, the IYES Foundation's Centre for International Collaboration is a dynamic hub that envisions a world where international partnerships serve as catalysts for youth development, fostering a generation of empowered individuals poised to make a positive impact on a global scale.

Centre for Global Business

& Investment Promotion (CGBIP)

Nestled within the IYES Foundation, the Centre for Global Business & Investment Promotion stands as a beacon of commitment towards advancing cross-border partnerships, facilitating investment opportunities, and fostering entrepreneurship, particularly among the youth demographic. Our unwavering dedication revolves around cultivating an environment that nurtures economic growth, encourages innovation, and champions sustainable development on a global scale.

Promoting Cross-Border Partnerships:
Central to our mission is the promotion of robust cross-border partnerships. We firmly believe that the exchange of ideas, collaboration, and strategic alliances between entities across borders not only stimulates economic vitality but also cultivates an ecosystem conducive to diverse perspectives and innovative solutions.

Empowering Young Entrepreneurs:
A key focus of our center is empowering young entrepreneurs. Through targeted initiatives and programs, we aim to equip the youth with the necessary skills, resources, and opportunities to embark on entrepreneurial ventures. By fostering a supportive environment, we aspire to unleash the potential of the younger generation in shaping the economic landscape.

Facilitating Investment Opportunities:
Recognizing the pivotal role of investments in driving economic progress, our center actively works towards facilitating investment opportunities. We serve as a bridge between potential investors and promising ventures, creating a platform where capital flows seamlessly, supporting the growth of innovative projects with a focus on sustainability.

Fostering Innovation:
Innovation is at the heart of economic evolution, and our center is committed to fostering an atmosphere where creativity thrives. Through collaborative initiatives, mentorship programs, and innovation hubs, we aim to catalyze groundbreaking ideas that contribute to economic prosperity and global development.

Advancing Sustainable Development:
At the core of our initiatives is a deep-seated commitment to sustainable development. We believe that economic progress should be harmonized with environmental and social responsibility. Our programs emphasize sustainable business practices, aiming to create a lasting impact that benefits communities and the planet.


Open Channels for Inquiry:
We invite all stakeholders, potential partners, and individuals interested in our initiatives to reach out to us. Whether you have inquiries, seek more information, or wish to explore potential collaborations, our doors are open. Your engagement is integral to the collective success of our mission, and we are eager to connect with like-minded individuals and organizations.

In conclusion, the Centre for Global Business & Investment Promotion at IYES Foundation is a dynamic force committed to shaping a global landscape where cross-border partnerships, entrepreneurship, and sustainable development converge to drive economic growth and innovation. Feel free to contact us to embark on a journey of exploration and collaboration.


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Dr. Mabongi Jessica Nyalungu

" My name is Dr. Mabongi Jessica Nyalungu. I would like to thank the IYES foundation for opening the doors for me to so many opportunities specifically in Russia. I have attended a lot of events because of the foundation's daily posts! I will forever be grateful for the impact that the IYES foundation has not only on me but the youth in general! I would encourage everyone to follow the IYES foundation, you definitely won’t regret it! Thank you IYES for the posts please keep it up!"

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