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Russian Delegation Embarks on a Productive Second Day of Business Mission in India

5th September, 2023

The second day, 5th September 2023 of the Russian Business Delegation's mission to India, facilitated by the Centre for Global Business and Investment Promotion (CGBIP) of International Youth Edu-Skills Foundation (IYES Foundation), India in collaboration with the Foundation of Creative Industries of the Ulyanovsk Region, Russia proved to be an exciting and fruitful endeavour. Comprising eight distinguished members, including Panfilov Nikolay Ivanovich, Project Manager of the Directorate of International Cooperation. Socially useful fund "Foundation of Creative Industries of the Ulyanovsk region", Bibich Anna Sergeevna, Art Director of company “Lankov E.V. (Business Line)”, Varlamova Anastasiia Sergeevna, Marketplace Analyst of the company “MIKITA”, Marizova Alexandra Viktorovna, Director of company “Marizova A.V.”, Osipova Zinaida Vasilievna, Development Manager of company “Elite”, Piatkina Anastasiia Vyacheslavovna, Lead Designer, of company “Lankov E.V. (Business Line)”, Rahul Sharma, Vice-President of Centre for Global Business and Investment Promotion (CGBIP) and Director of Regional and International Projects of International Youth Edu-Skills Foundation (IYES Foundation) and a translator. This delegation is poised to strengthen trade ties between India and Russia. The day's activities showcased the delegation's commitment to exploring opportunities for importing high-quality Indian-made goods to Russia.

The day commenced with an illuminating factory visit to Maximum Clothing, located in Sector-63 Noida, India. Maximum Clothing is a renowned manufacturer of sportswear for both men and women. The delegation was accorded a warm welcome by the factory's owner, Mr. Abhishek Sharma. A detailed discussion ensued, focusing on the company's production portfolio and impressive capacity. The delegates were particularly intrigued by the potential for collaboration within the sportswear sector, recognizing its significance in both Russia and India.

Following this insightful visit, the delegation proceeded to "Ethnic Craft Art," a prominent manufacturer and exporter of readymade garments and high-fashion ladies' accessories, situated in Greater Noida, India. The team at Ethnic Craft Art, led by Mr. Rahul, Sr. Merchandiser, extended a gracious welcome to the Russian delegates. Over high tea, the delegation engaged in a discussion regarding the manufacturing process and export capabilities of the company. Subsequently, the delegates embarked on a tour of the production unit, finishing unit, and showroom of finished products, where they were impressed by the quality and craftsmanship on display. The meeting concluded with a delightful Indian cuisine lunch that the Russian delegates thoroughly enjoyed.

The delegation's exploration continued as they ventured into the bustling fabric and cloth markets of Gandhi Nagar in Delhi, one of the largest such markets in Asia. Here, the delegates interacted with wholesalers and exporters, gaining insights into the vast array of fabrics available for potential import to Russia.

As the sun set on this eventful day, the delegation had the opportunity to experience the vibrant streets of central Delhi, specifically Connaught Circle and Janpath area. Here, they shopped for souvenirs and traditional Indian items, further immersing themselves in the culture and offerings of India.

The second day of the Business Mission reaffirmed the delegation's commitment to fostering strong economic ties between India and Russia. As the mission progresses, the delegates look forward to further exploration of opportunities, establishing partnerships, and contributing to the growth of trade relations between the two nations.

About the Business Mission:

This Business Mission is a collaborative effort of the “Centre for Global Business and Investment Promotion (CGBIP)” of the International Youth Edu-Skills Foundation (IYES Foundation), India and “The Foundation of Creative Industries of the Ulyanovsk Region”, Russia, BRICS Project Office for International Youth Cooperation, Ulyanovsk, Russia, to promote trade and economic cooperation between India and Russia.


The purpose of the business mission is to make industrial visits to textile and apparel manufacturers and processors to offer the Russian delegation first-hand exposure to the Indian textile industry's capabilities, innovations, and product offerings. The visit aligns with a broader business mission focused on strengthening trade ties between the two nations and expanding the market for Indian textiles, garments, and related products in Russia. This immersive experience will enable the delegation to assess the quality, production processes, and designs of Indian-made textiles, garments, accessories, and home furnishings, thereby facilitating informed decisions for potential imports.


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