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Russian Delegates Embark on Business Mission to Strengthen India-Russia Textile Trade Relations

Updated: Sep 16

4th September, 2023

A delegation of Russian business personnel arrived in India on 04 Sep 2023 to explore opportunities for importing high-quality India-made textile goods into Russia. This significant Business Mission aims to foster stronger economic ties between the two nations, focusing primarily on the textile industry.

Day One of the mission commenced with a productive meeting between the Russian delegates and members of the Trade Commission of Russia in India, including Mr. Evgeny Griva, Deputy Trade Commissioner, Mr. Mikael Pirdzhanian, Deputy Trade Commissioner, as well as the Assistant Director of the Cotton Textiles Export Promotion Council (TEXPROCIL) Mr. Rakesh Kumar Chaudhary. During this session, valuable insights and critical information regarding the textile trade between India and Russia were exchanged. The delegates gained a comprehensive understanding of the potential collaborations and partnerships that could benefit both parties. Mr. Rakesh Kumar gave an insight of Indian textile industry and possibilities to support the delegates from their end regarding the trade and needed contacts and information.

One of the highlights of the day was a visit to Vishwas International Pvt. Ltd., a renowned textile company situated in Noida, India. The delegates had the privilege of exploring Vishwas International's state-of-the-art textile showroom and witnessing their intricate production processes. The visit proved to be immensely informative and promising, further solidifying the delegates' interest in Indian textiles.

The warm hospitality extended to the Russian delegates continued as they were welcomed with traditional Indian customs. The staff of Janhit Times, a media organization, greeted the delegates with garlands, Indian sweets and tilak a mark of respect and goodwill. Following this warm welcome, an engaging interview with the delegates took place, providing an opportunity to discuss their impressions and expectations from this Business Mission.

On the way to "Janhit Times" the delegation visited the newly built Ved Van Park, which is India’s first Vedic theme park, located in Noida Sector 78. The park is home to over 50,000 plants and trees, including banyan, neem, kalpavriksha, and coconut, which are mentioned in Vedic literature. The park is divided into seven zones, each named after a renowned Vedic sage: Kashyap, Agastya, Vishvamitra, Vasishtha, Atri, Gautam, and Bharadwaj. The visit by the Russian delegation to Ved Van Park was marked by cultural exchanges, discussions on shared spiritual philosophies, and an appreciation for the harmonious blend of nature and heritage that the park offers. The delegates were particularly impressed by the meticulous preservation of Vedic wisdom and the serene atmosphere of the park.

The first day of this Business Mission has set a strong foundation for fruitful collaborations between Russian and Indian businesses. As the mission progresses, the delegates look forward to exploring more opportunities, forging partnerships, and contributing to the growth of trade relations between these two great nations.

The delegation consists of 8 delegates including Panfilov Nikolay Ivanovich, Project Manager of the Directorate of International Cooperation. Socially useful fund "Foundation of Creative Industries of the Ulyanovsk region", Bibich Anna Sergeevna, Art Director of company “Lankov E.V. (Business Line)”, Varlamova Anastasiia Sergeevna, Marketplace Analyst of the company “MIKITA”, Marizova Alexandra Viktorovna, Director of company “Marizova A.V.”, Osipova Zinaida Vasilievna, Development Manager of company “Elite”, Piatkina Anastasiia Vyacheslavovna, Lead Designer, of company “Lankov E.V. (Business Line)”, Rahul Sharma, Vice-President of Centre for Global Business and Investment Promotion (CGBIP) and Director of Regional and International Projects of International Youth Edu-Skills Foundation (IYES Foundation) and a translator.

About the Business Mission:

This Business Mission is a collaborative effort of the “Centre for Global Business and Investment Promotion (CGBIP)” of the International Youth Edu-Skills Foundation (IYES Foundation), India and “The Foundation of Creative Industries of the Ulyanovsk Region”, Russia, BRICS Project Office for International Youth Cooperation, Ulyanovsk, Russia, to promote trade and economic cooperation between India and Russia.


The purpose of the business mission is to make industrial visits to textile and apparel manufacturers and processors to offer the Russian delegation first-hand exposure to the Indian textile industry's capabilities, innovations, and product offerings. The visit aligns with a broader business mission focused on strengthening trade ties between the two nations and expanding the market for Indian textiles, garments, and related products in Russia. This immersive experience will enable the delegation to assess the quality, production processes, and designs of Indian-made textiles, garments, accessories, and home furnishings, thereby facilitating informed decisions for potential imports.

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