IYES Foundation organized blood donation camp on Environment Day

Updated: Jun 5

Noida: IYES Foundation organized a blood donation camp on the occasion of World environment day at the Rotary Blood Bank in Noida. Organizing team expressed their gratitude to the blood donors and appealed the public to donate blood and encourage family members for the same. There is a severe shortage in the blood banks, and one should stand with the community.

While donating the blood Director for public relations Kamil Ahmad said “It is always considered a great donation and there is always a great need of blood donors to save many lives. So, everyone should donate blood at the time when we can. It plays a very significant role in saving a life.”

A large number of members donated blood on the occasion including Ashish Yadav, Md. Isrofil, Md. Ismail, Avnish, Ashish, Somat, Pritam, Arjun Gautam, Amar Bhardwaj, Mohit Yadav, Rajiv Singh, Satish Gupta, Mumtaz Alam etc.

News coverage: ETVBHARAT


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