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Green Eurasia contest

Name of the event: Green Eurasia contest

Last date of application: March 31, 2023

Link to apply:

The Eurasian Economic Commission, together with the Agency for Strategic Initiatives, is organizing the Green Eurasia International Climate Competition for the best projects on the climate agenda in the EAEU space. The competition will become a reference point for strengthening cooperation and increasing the availability of competitive environmental technologies in the Eurasian space.

The purpose of the competition is to search for effective practices in climate mitigation and adaptation, as well as other climate practices aimed at the sustainable development of the member states of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU).

Competition nominations:

-clean energy and energy efficiency;

-clean industry;

-sustainable agriculture;

-low carbon transport;

-green building;

-green finance;

-efficient waste management;

-ecological culture and involvement of the population in the climate agenda;

-environmental and climate monitoring;

-state policy in the field of low-carbon development.

Stages of the competition

Stage 1 - Submission of applications (9.03–31.03)

Stage 2 - Expert assessment (01.04–30.04)

Stage 3 - Summing up (01.04–30.04)

Stage 4 - Awarding the winners On the sidelines of the II Eurasian Economic Forum-2023

Who can participate in the competition?

-Bodies of state power and local self-government;

-Entrepreneurial community;-

-Non-profit organizations;

-Individuals - citizens of the EAEU member states.

* The Participant of the Contest can submit no more than three applications (practices) in different nominations of the Contest. The same application is not allowed to be submitted in several nominations of the Contest at the same time.

What does the winner get?

- Recognition of experience at the international level;

-Recommendations for repeating practice in the EAEU countries;

- Award within the framework of the II Eurasian Economic Forum-2023;


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