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BRICS Youth Innovation Summit 2023

Date: 28-30 March 2023 Venue: Tshwane University of Technology (TUT), South Africa Format: In-Person

Participation: Free Working Language: English

Last Date to Apply: January 22, 2023

Link To Apply:

Theme: Linking Investment to Youth-driven Innovation

Purpose of the Summit

The BRICS Youth Innovation Summit aims to create a BRICS-orientated space that will empower and support young entrepreneurs and innovators already undertaking projects with a prosocial impact in the real world. The summit serves as a meeting point between promising young entrepreneurs and business leaders, investors, partners and experts from across BRICS and the Global South.

Sub-Themes for Innovation Projects: Young innovators with projects in any of the following sub-theme categories will be eligible to apply to become delegates to the 2023 BRICS Youth Innovation Summit based on the nature of their projects: • Youth Volunteerism – Projects in the non-profit sector that are contributing to increased voluntary citizen participation in communal, cultural or social development in the global South.

• Green Economy– Projects that are contributing to accelerating a just transition to a greener and more environmentally friendly economy. • Agribusiness – Projects that are enhancing the capacity of global South nations to achieve and maintain sustainable food security. • Digitalisation – Projects that are contributing to mainstreaming digitalisation of services in a global South context. Manufacturing – Projects that are contributing to industrialisation and value-added production in the global South nations. Skills Development & EdTech – Projects that are contributing to closing the education gap and enhancing the quality of education at primary, secondary or tertiary levels in the global South. _________________________________________________________________ Objectives of the Summit: 1. Create an international platform for young entrepreneurs from BRICS and the global South to present and showcase their ongoing projects. 2. Foster peer-to-peer networks between young entrepreneurs working on innovative projects in similar or interlinked sectors. 3. Educate young entrepreneurs on the opportunities presented by the BRICS and other South-South/multilateral platforms. 4. Connect young entrepreneurs with mentorship from experts and industry leaders to enhance their work. 5. Provide a platform for investors and businesses from BRICS and the global South to partner with young entrepreneurs and invest in promising innovations. _________________________________________________________________ Target audience: The Summit will be aimed at young entrepreneurs and innovators between the ages of 18-35 from BRICS and global South countries who are already running projects in one of the sub-theme areas listed above. Overall, the Summit will gather up to 42 young entrepreneurs and innovators in Pretoria to present their projects. With 50-150 audience participants. _________________________________________________________________ Financial conditions for participation:

  • SABYA will provide accommodation and meals during the school period for all participants.

  • Participants or sending organizations are responsible for their travel costs to Pretoria, South Africa, and back.

  • SABYA will provide visa application support and assistance with issuing permission to enter South Africa for international participants who are required to acquire a visa.

  • The event will be organized in compliance with South African health and COVID-19 Regulations.


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