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Acceptance of articles on the post-pandemic education of the BRICS is open

Call for papers for a special issue entitled "A NEW DAY STARTS IN THE DARK: A VISION OF THE POST-PANDEMIC BRICS EDUCATION" edited by SI

Paper submission deadline: July 15, 2022

In keeping with the focus and scope of Space and Culture magazine, #India, the proposed special edition aims to address a contemporary educational challenge and stimulate a much-needed conversation about the vision of post-pandemic education in the BRICS space. Providing space for dialogue and intellectual exchange on this topic is not only necessary but relevant.

As you know, social problems are territorially blind, which means that no country has sufficient knowledge and capabilities to solve problems on its own. This special issue provides an opportunity to bring together the efforts and collective thinking of the BRICS member states to explore the proposed topic and propose plans for prosperity after the pandemic.

Topics for articles (the choice of topics is not limited):

  • New Ways to Maintain Quality and Depth of Engagement in Online Learning

  • Transformations in teaching, learning and assessment

  • Transformational Approaches to Teaching and Upgrading Digital Literacy

  • Research Development Strategies, Research Productivity and Research Ethics

  • New Ways to Virtually Connect, Collaborate and Sustainable Partnerships

  • New models of flexibility, accessibility, and accessibility of education

  • New aspects of postgraduate supervision

  • New roles and identities of scientists and students

  • Management and leadership trajectories

  • New funding models for universities