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Acceptance of articles for the 10th issue of the scientific journal "International Aspect" is open

The editors of the scientific journal "International Aspect" are pleased to announce the start of the selection of articles for the 10th issue, which will be published in December 2022. The theme of the tenth issue is "BRICS: Achievements and Prospects". Applications for the publication of the article will be accepted until June 26.

We remind you that the "International Aspect" accepts articles on the following specialties of the Higher Attestation Commission:

  • 07.00.15 History of international relations and foreign policy

  • 23.00.04 Political problems of international relations, global and regional development

  • 08.00.14 World economy

You can leave a request at the link.

Authors should carefully read the guidelines for writing articles and the requirements for formatting published on the site.