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World Youth Festival 2024

Updated: Dec 9, 2023

Name of the Event: World Youth Festival 2024

Location: Sochi, Russia

Date: February 20 – March 10, 2024

Application Link:

The World Youth Festival is the largest youth event in the world, which will be held by Decree of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The festival will host 20,000 Russian and foreign young leaders in business, media, international cooperation, culture, science, education, volunteering and charity, sports, various spheres of public life, as well as teenagers representing various children's organizations and associations.

A platform for open conversation and exchange of opinions

  • Everyone can express their point of view and be heard,

  • Unite to solve social problems, and

  • Help each other build a fair world.

This is a chance to start a dialogue and search for mutual understanding regardless of one’s nationality, political views or cultural peculiarities.

The participants of the Festival reсognize their responsibility and are ready to implement practical solutions to build a just world.

The Festival will kickstart new friendships and mutual enrichment of various national cultures and traditions.

Be a part of history and join like-minded passionate young people!

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