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Summing up the results of the International Forum «Eurasia Global»

The 8th International Forum «Eurasia Global» in Orenburg has come to an end. It started on August 21, 2023 with a bright and unforgettable opening and the message of President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin:

"You are all united by a deep and genuine interest in global problems, commitment to high spiritual and moral values, ideals of freedom, goodness and justice.

Today, you, the Forum participants, will have a rich and varied program reflecting the development of international humanitarian and educational ties, the popularization of the Russian language and culture. And, of course, you will pay special attention to the significant topic of preparation for the World Youth Festival, which will be held in 2024."

This year the forum brought together 500 young, ambitious participants from 64 countries of the world - Young diplomats, leaders of public youth organizations, young entrepreneurs and journalists, as well as activists of organizations involved in the development of the children's movement, carrying out their activities in the field of international youth cooperation. Young people who have a project idea or a ready-made project, with an eye to international cooperation.

Aziza Abdulazizzoda, a representative from the IYES Foundation, Head of the Department for Cooperation with Eurasia, the CIS and the SCO, also participated in the scientific and educational program of the Gorchakov Foundation "Development and deepening of the integration association of the EAEU".

Over the course of four days, three discussions, five master classes, three talks and a workshop were held, where Aziza Abdulazizzoda and more than 20 participants from six countries of the world were able to learn more about the structure of integration processes in the post-Soviet space, the possibilities of Eurasian integration for young people, the main trends of the EAEU of the present and future. Young people gained business negotiation skills, mastered methods of working with information, held meetings with leading experts, and also came up with and presented their projects in the humanitarian field.

On August 26, 2023 in honor of the 280th anniversary of the city of Orenburg and the completion of the Forum, a cultural concert and a ceremony of awarding the winners of grants and awarding certificates of participants took place.

August 27th, all the participants set off on their way back with vivid impressions and baggage of knowledge.

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