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Summer Public Diplomacy's Laboratory

Name of the event: Summer Public Diplomacy's Laboratory

Location: Moscow, Russia

Date: August 1-2, 2023

Application link:

The educational project "Public Diplomat Course" presents the Summer Laboratory on Public Diplomacy in Moscow!

The course will be held face-to-face within 2 working days, consisting of 6 practical sessions.

What the course offers:

• Emphasis on practice - analysis of the most pressing topics in modern public diplomacy in Russia and other countries;

• Leading experts in the field, both researchers and direct participants;

• Unique knowledge and real cases;

• Excursion to the Museum of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Lesson program:

No. 1. (August 1, Tuesday) Public Diplomacy in Russian Foreign Policy

No. 2. Public diplomacy as a political technology

No. 3. Foreign Agent Legislation: How Does It Affect the Life of a Public Diplomat?

No. 4. (August 2-Wednesday) Practices of Public Diplomacy of Russian Regions

No. 5. NPOs and Public Diplomacy under Sanctions

No. 6. Business Etiquette in Public Diplomacy

Who is this course for?

For those who: - see themselves in the field of Russian public diplomacy and want to work in the direction of "soft power"; - already works in the system of public diplomacy and wants to improve his knowledge in this area; - plans to launch its own projects, including the creation of NGOs; - is engaged in scientific research on this topic and wants to know more about how public diplomacy mechanisms work in practice; - considers his future employment and wants to understand what opportunities exist for this in the public, private and public sectors.

Author and main lecturer of the course:

Natalia Burlinova - Founder and head of the Creative Diplomacy Center. Specialization: public diplomacy of Russia, the concept of "soft power". Education: bachelor and master of MGIMO (U) of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia, candidate of political sciences (2010). For more than 10 years she has worked in public and private structures related to Russian public diplomacy, including RIA Novosti, the Foundation for the Support of Public Diplomacy named after. A.M. Gorchakov, Historical Perspective Foundation, etc. Author of educational materials "Course of Public Diplomat" (RIAC, 2017), author of annual reports on Russian public diplomacy.

The cost of participation in the Course - 10 000 rubles

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