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Presentation of World Youth Festival 2024 showcased during the South Africa-India Youth Forum 2023

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

Presentation of the World Youth Festival 2024 showcased during the South Africa-India Youth Forum 2023

On the 4th of November 2023, in the framework of "South Africa-India Youth Forum 2023," Mr Akil Mohammad, Founder and Chairperson of the International Youth Edu-Skills Foundation (IYESF), delivered an inspiring presentation about the eagerly awaited "World Youth Festival 2024."

The South Africa-India Youth Forum 2023, organized by joint efforts of the International Youth Edu-Skills Foundation (IYESF) and the South African BRICS Youth Association (SABYA), was conducted over the Zoom platform and brought together 50 carefully selected young participants, 25 from each country, for a meaningful exchange of ideas and experiences.

The "South Africa-India Youth Forum 2023" aimed to foster a valuable dialogue on critical issues, with a focus on three thematic areas: Entrepreneurship and Business Development, Climate Change, and Innovation and Skills Development. This event served as a bridge between the youth of South Africa and India, providing a platform for cross-cultural learning and cooperation. It is worth noting that the 50 participants were meticulously selected following a competitive selection process, highlighting their excellence and dedication to making a positive impact.

About "World Youth Festival 2024":

Mr. Akil Mohammad presented the World Youth Festival 2024, an ambitious and globally significant event to be held in Russia by the Decree of Russian President Vladimir Putin. This festival, set to be the largest youth gathering in the world, is scheduled to take place from March 1 to 7, 2024, with a regional program for selected participants spanning from March 10 to 17, 2024, across 26 cities in Russia. The festival will be hosted at the prestigious Sirius Federal Territory in Sochi, Russia.

This monumental festival will unite more than 180 countries, representing all regions of the world, providing an unparalleled opportunity to connect with like-minded peers, make new friends from across the globe, and engage in a wide range of activities. The participants include 10,000 Russians, 10,000 foreigners, and a children's program encompassing 1,000 teenagers, equally divided between Russian and international participants.

Objectives of the Festival:

The Festival's primary objectives include creating long-term relationships between young people from all over the world and fostering cooperation and a balance of interests to build a just, multipolar world.

Criteria for Participation:

Participants must be between 18 and 35 years old, including students and young professionals from various fields, such as international relations, entrepreneurship, science, culture, sports, mass media, charity, and volunteering. Their selection process will involve the creation of a motivational letter/essay & video, and an online video interview.

Criteria for children's programs:

A special children's program will welcome 1,000 teenagers, including 500 from Russia and 500 from abroad, aged 14 to 17. Their selection process will involve a test, the creation of a motivational video resume, and an online video interview. These young representatives of children's organizations and associations will enjoy a wide range of activities organized by Sirius and the Russian Movement of Children and Youth, "Movement of the First."

Conditions of Participation:

The Festival will provide food and accommodation for participants, offer a simplified visa regime, and waive state fees. The Festival Directorate is actively working to streamline logistics for international participants.

A Platform for Dialogue and Mutual Understanding:

The "World Youth Festival 2024" will host 20,000 young Russian and foreign leaders from diverse fields, fostering dialogue and mutual understanding, and transcending nationality, political views, and cultural differences.

Participants embrace their responsibility and readiness to implement practical solutions for a more just world, while the Festival will spark new friendships and cultural enrichment, contributing to mutual understanding.

Join the Movement:

The "World Youth Festival 2024" offers a unique chance to be part of history, join like-minded passionate young people, and work together to build a more inclusive and just world.

Be a part of history and join like-minded passionate young people!

For more information about the "World Youth Festival 2024," please visit:

About the Organizations:

- The International Youth Edu-Skills Foundation (IYES Foundation): A not-for-profit, non-commercial and non-government youth organization registered under the charitable Indian Trusts Act, 1882, Government of India. IYES Foundation aims to empower and motivate youth through education, skills, employment, and entrepreneurship and involve young people to solve the world’s toughest problems with their full potential and work towards building a brighter future and achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. IYES Foundation has organized various programs and realized projects in the interest of youth. The Foundation also became one of the winners of the international award “We are Together” in 2021 for organizing a humanitarian project "COVID Help Store".

- The South African BRICS Youth Association (hereafter, SABYA) is a non-profit organization registered with the Department of Social Development in South Africa (205-671 NPO). SABYA is a youth-led organization that focuses on promoting youth development, international relations and cooperation, entrepreneurship, and innovation in South Africa and in other BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, India and China). SABYA aims to create opportunities for young people to engage with each other, share best practices, and collaborate on projects that address key challenges facing their communities and respective countries. The organization also seeks to enhance cultural exchange and promote mutual understanding among youth from different BRICS nations.

- Directorate of the World Youth Festival: A specialized organization created to host the World Youth Festival in 2024 in Sochi, Russia.

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