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online webinar - "The impact of online education on the health of students"

The webinar was organized by the International Youth Edu-Skills Foundation (IYES Foundation) jointly with RPO “BRICS. The World of Traditions”, South African BRICS Youth Association and Janhit Times within the framework of the international socio-cultural program "BRICS people choosing life" which will be continued for next five years and many events are planned to be organized under the program. This webinar was the first and opening event under the program "BRICS people choosing life". Webinar was also telecasted live on the YouTube channel of international youth Edu-skills foundation.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, schools, colleges, universities, and other educational institutions all over the world transitioned into online classes. The health and safety of everyone is the utmost priority during the pandemic, and online schooling is only the best option during these times.

The online education system or work atmosphere has brought various challenges as well. Schoolchildren, students, teachers, professors, employees, etc who are studying in various schools and universities and people around the world using online platforms, either for educational purposes or for work purposes are experiencing various health issues due to prolonged usage of online platforms during this pandemic situation.

These health issues can be physical and mental, such as eyesight problems, backache, headache, fatigue, insomnia, lack of interaction, social isolation, increased anxiety, stress, bad ergonomics, lack of classroom ethics, and physical activities. Various health surveys and reports are confirming it.

Parents and teachers observed behavioural changes in children, like negative attitudes, bunking online classes, misusing the gadgets meant for educational purposes, and aggression. Students felt a loss of confidence and low motivation which otherwise was possible in regular school days, the survey indicated.

So, it is needed to raise awareness among students, teachers, guardians, and people who use online educational platforms on regular basis to avoid various health issues and to opt for a healthy lifestyle and productive results.

This webinar brought together various experts from different fields to give beneficial advice to students, teachers, professors, parents/guardians to keep healthy, motivated and getting maximum benefits of online regime.

Webinar was moderated by Charu Madan, master’s student at the Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia. Experts panel included professionals from different spheres like teacher, coach, yoga practitioner and doctor.

Speakers of the session included:

  • Ksenia Kashirina, Founder, IDEMY Academy, Russia

  • Faiza Xaba, Trainer and Coach, South Africa

  • Muthu Murali, Health and Wellness Coach - Moscow, Russian Federation Co-Founder – Prakriyaa Trust

  • Marianna Borisovna Alborova, Leading Expert of the Centre for International Information Security, MGIMO, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia

  • Dr. Anjali Sharma, MBBS, General Physician BSS, India

During the webinar simple and effective exercises were practiced and explained to remove stress, get instant energy and building concentration on study or work. Experts also explained how to utilize the online education for achieving best results. Recommendations to parents and participants were given by the speakers.


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