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International Video Clip Contest in brics

International Video Clip Contest

«Revival of the BRICS peoples` hospitality traditions»


Cultural public diplomacy plays an important role in the development of relations between peoples based on mutual respect. Ensuring the implementation of multilateral cultural and educational projects on the «field» of BRICS, our Online International Video Contest is a manifestation of the temporal and spatial community, the need for the cultural space of the «five».

The composition of the essence and structure of customs and traditions, despite deep differences, performs the general function of reproducing social relations as mechanisms for generations' continuity.

The project is aimed at reviving cultural traditions of the BRICS peoples, preserving and popularizing the peoples` customs and rituals, forming a positive public interest in the modern life reality among youth, compatriots living in the BRICS countries through acquaintance with folklore and spiritual-cultural traditions for the rapprochement of peoples, development of children`s and adolescents`, youth and students` creative potential as the basis for mutual understanding, productive interpersonal and interethnic communication. High efficiency of the project is to be ensured by modern technologies in the format of hospitable storytelling.

The project is implemented by the Regional Public Organization «BRICS. World of Traditions» (hereinafter referred to as the Organization) with the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, the Federation Council of the Russian Federation, Rossotrudnichestvo, Charitable Foundation of Oksana Fedorova «Hurry to do Good», Business Club «Territory of Success», Moscow State Stroganov Academy of Design and Applied Arts, Embassies of the BRICS countries to Russia, Russian diplomatic missions to the countries of the Alliance, partners of the Organization from the BRICS countries.

Main Purpose:

The development of the public activity of citizens from Russian regions and BRICS states through the formation of a communicative environment by participating in the Video Competition devoted to the revival of hospitality traditions that is to improve mutual understanding and establish interpersonal ties of friendship.

Contest Program:

1. Project Presentation in the format of an international videoconference (Round table) with the participation of a minimum of 10 experts and 15 public representatives including the Project partners from the BRICS countries.

2. Online submission of applications, no less than 25 participants in the Contest.

3. Online survey for participants from (not less than) five regions of the Russian Federation and (not less than) three BRICS countries to receive feedback on the use of modern and traditional technologies at work.

4. Final Awarding Ceremony for the Contest winners including concert and final press conference (briefing, round table) at one of the famous venues of Moscow (theater, cultural center) preserving and popularizing the traditions of hospitality.

5. Announcements, final press releases, publications of materials on the Project are planned to be posted on social networks, web channels of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, Rossotrudnichestvo and its offices in the BRICS countries, non-governmental organizations of the BRICS partner-countries of the Project (at least 25 publications).

Conditions of the Contest:


1. Traditional wedding ceremonies and celebrations;

2. Family celebrations (marriage anniversary, family members` Birthday celebrations, Mother’s Day, Father`s Day, Day of family, love, and fidelity);

3. Traditional celebrations of New Year in BRICS countries.

- Videos with stories about hospitality and culinary traditions of the BRICS peoples can be created either individually or as teamwork (no more than 3 persons).

- Age limit of the Contest: 18+;

- Participants categories: youth (age of 18-27), students and graduates (universities), the adults from the BRICS countries (age of 30-55), pensioners, compatriots;

- Video voiceover – in Russian and English;

- Video clip duration: 2 - 5 minutes;

- Submission of the Participants` videos (at least 50) from all the BRICS countries. Video clips will be uploaded on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bricsgrant/;

- Links on video clips containing the Contest title and nomination shall be sent to ann_dhar@mail.ru;

- Video selection to be conducted by a professional jury to determine the winners: Main Prize – 3;

- «Audience Choice» award goes for a video that gained the maximum of «likes» in the group («Vote for the video»);

Winners will be awarded Honorary Certificates and valuable presents.

Application period: January 1st - March 15th, 2021.

If there will be any changes in the Project events appear, the Organizers` team will inform the Participants.


+7 (925) 411 – 6878, +7 (988) 502-1987, +7 (916) 162-9538 (for International Participants)

Official website: http://bricsmt.ru/index.php/zhurnal/107-vozrozhdenie-traditsij-gostepriimstva-narodov-briks