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International Acceleration Program "BRICS Business Incubator"

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

Location: Omsk, Russia

Date: 20-26 August 2023

Working Language: English

Last Date of Application: June 25, 2023

Application Link:

International Acceleration Program "BRICS Business Incubator" - a multilateral international project aimed at boosting innovation and entrepreneurship in economic and investment cooperation among the BRICS countries.

Participants in the 2023 program will be entrepreneurs aged 20 to 40 from Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. Through competitive selection, a panel of experts will determine 25 winners (5 entrepreneurs from each country).

The Total number of participants in the online educational program of the business incubator will be 100, which includes participants who didn't pass competitive selection.

Goals of BRICS Business Incubator:

  • the attraction of foreign investment from the BRICS countries in the development of joint projects and the introduction of new technologies in the economic, information, and social processes of the member countries of the association

  • identification of promising entrepreneurial projects and their promotion on the territory of the BRICS countries

Priority areas of projects for the Business Incubator Competitive Selection are:

  • technical projects (engineering, construction, fuel and energy, mechanical engineering and machine tool construction, etc.

  • technological projects (IT, telecommunication and mass communications, etc.)

  • social and humanitarian projects (education systems, innovative management and management systems, strategies for opening new markets, etc.)

  • creative industries (architecture, design, art, advertising technologies, etc.)

At Least 70 % Of Project Applicants Of The BRICS Business Incubator Will Be Financed By Investors and Investment Companies!

The winners of the competitive selection will take part in a full-time business program, which will be held in August 2023 in Omsk. The organizers cover the costs associated with accommodation, meals, business and sightseeing programs in Omsk.

The Full-Time Educational Program Will Take Place Within 7 Working Days In Omsk, it Will Include:

  • Participants work with mentors and experts

  • Meeting of OmSTU students with participants and experts of the BRICS Business Incubator

  • Visit the leading enterprises of the Omsk region

  • Presentation of projects to investors (financial support is planned for at least 70% of the participants' projects)

  • Meetings with entrepreneurs of the Omsk region

  • Development by participants and experts of the program on economic cooperation of the BRICS countries with the Omsk region (identification of the leading industries of the region for their development, formation of a plan of joint work activities, etc.)

Participants of the Program Will Become Part of a Large Community of Successful Entrepreneurs and Investors from the BRICS Countries.


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