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InteRussia: call for Applications for a new wave of fellowship

Updated: Jul 24

Name of the Event: Interrussia: call for applications for a new wave of fellowship for foreign international relations specialists

Location: Moscow, Russia

Date: October 23 - December 03, 2023

Working language: English

Last Date of Application: August 13, 23:59 Moscow time

Application Link:

The Gorchakov Foundation, together with MGIMO, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia and Rossotrudnichestvo, are reopening the acceptance of applications for a research internship program.

InteRussia is an opportunity for foreign specialists in the field of history and theory of international relations, political science and foreign regional studies to get acquainted with the Russian scientific and expert agenda, visit public authorities, take part in expert sessions at universities, analytical centers and public organizations. The main advantage of the program is the work under the guidance of leading MGIMO scientists.

InteRussia's mission is to build a global horizontal network of young scientists and promote constructive scientific dialogue about new approaches to international relations in the emerging multipolar world.

The theme of the program is "New global challenges and threats".

All candidates will be informed about the results of the selection by e-mail.

The result of the internship will be an original research project of 15-25 thousand characters (with spaces), prepared by the applicant on the basis of an individual research plan in English.

Who can become a participant?

Applicants who meet the following requirements at the time of completion of the submission of competitive applications are allowed:

  • foreign citizenship;

  • age 25-39 years;

  • accommodation outside the territory of Russia;

  • professional English language proficiency (at least C1 level);

  • provision of an individual research plan on the chosen topic in accordance with the requirements specified in the questionnaire;

  • absence of labor and other relations with MGIMO (including external part-time work). Also, the applicant should not study in graduate school and defend a dissertation at MGIMO;

  • academic degree of Candidate of Sciences/ Ph.D. or at least three years of work experience in a scientific organization / analytical center or postgraduate studies.

The selection of applicants for the internship will be carried out on a competitive basis.

The competitive selection criteria include:

  • academic level, relevance, degree of elaboration and feasibility of the applicant's research plan;

  • availability of academic publications;

  • the nature of the recommendations received;

  • other research and expert activities of the applicant (participation in conferences, grants, scientific internships, expert publications, comments in the media, etc.);

  • interview results (in online format).

The organizers provide:

  • travel from the applicant's place of residence to Moscow and back;

  • double accommodation;

  • visa support;

  • a scholarship for the duration of the internship in the amount of 45,000 rubles;

  • medical insurance.

Participants pay for:

  • meals during the internship.

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