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Call for Applications to Join the Asian Dialogue 2024

Date: 26 - 30 June 2024

Place: Moscow

Mode: Offline

Working language: Russian/English

Last Date of Application: 12 May, 2024

Link to Apply:

Organisers of the event: Institute of Asian and African Studies and Lomonosov Moscow State University

The Gorchakov Fund announced the launch of the second research and educational programme for the study of topical issues of the countries of the East. This year, the conference will be devoted to studying relevant tracks and prospects for Russian-Chinese cooperation, as well as analysing challenges to the foreign policy line of China at the regional and global levels.

What to expect this year?

The event will feature lectures by top Russian experts in international relations and those from other countries, as well as seminars, workshops, discussions, participant activities and a cultural programme.

The experts will be leading state, community and academic figures from Russia, China and Southeast Asian countries.

The programme will primarily focus on the following topics:

  • Russia and China as power engines for transformation of the US-centered world order.

  • Convergence of Eurasian economic integration initiatives.

  • Current avenues for enhancing cooperation among the Southeast Asian countries.

  • Regional challenges and threats to the Chinese foreign policy interests.

  • Strengthening partnership between Russia and China in the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation.


The following representatives of Russian regions and other states are welcome to participate,

  • researchers in the fields of international relations, political science, economics, law, and history.

  • undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate students of relevant universities.

  • international journalists.

  • representatives of community-based organisations involved in international cooperation and public diplomacy.

  • young diplomats and representatives of government agencies.

The age of the participants must be 18-35 years. The list of the delegates is drawn on the basis of a competitive selection.

How to attend?

  1. The registration process is run via the English version of the Gorchakov Fund’s dashboard. If you do not have an account yet, it is first needed to sign up by navigating to “My projects” section, clicking on the “Create an application” button, and then selecting the competition titled “The ‘Asian Dialogue 2024’ research and educational programme.” Hit “Yes” and proceed with filling in the application form boxes.

  2. Attach an analytical essay of up to 5,000 characters including spaces on one of the following topics,

  • China’s path to global primacy: new challenges to and opportunities for the modern system of international relations;

  • Integration processes in the Greater Mekong Subregion: opportunities for Russia and China;

  • The role of China and Russia in the context of the Belt and Road initiative and the Greater Eurasian Partnership;

  • Regional destabilisation factors: issue of transboundary waters, trade wars and information sovereignty;

  • The future of the Russian-Chinese cooperation in the Arctic: new horizons of joint activities.

  1. Write a letter of motivation of up to 2,000 characters on your reasons to join the Asian Dialogue 2024.

  2. Click on the “Submit” button after filling in all the mandatory fields.

Conditions of participation:

  • The Gorchakov Fund provides all the participants accommodation in double rooms, meals, the cultural programme and travel in Moscow as part of the programme, as well as visa-related support.

  • A participant pays for her/his travel to Moscow (air or train tickets), the visa fee (if no humanitarian visa is available), travel from/to an airport (railway station), and a PCR test if required;

  • The expenses to travel to and from the venue of those with the top results according to the competitive selection will be borne by the Fund.

The deadline to apply is Sunday 12 May, 23:59 (MSK).

If you have any questions, kindly email them at


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