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Updated: Feb 21


Dear readers, we are pleased to announce that registration for the event will be open FROM DECEMBER, 2 TO MARCH, 2 (for moderators — to February, 2)

To participate in the activities of the laboratory you need to register and answer the questions of competitive selection via the links attached below. Please mind the individual links for each of the five tracks.

The event is planned to be held on April 10-14, 2023 at MGIMO

We also want to remind you which tracks you should expect this year:

The policy of the BRICS countries to promote international development —

Preservation of historical and cultural identity

Restoring the world's ecosystems —

BRICS in the new system of international relations-

Technological development of BRICS cities —

A detailed post about all the tracks of the event is already on our page!

BRICS PROJECT LAB participants will be able to expand their knowledge about the member states of the organization, meet interesting people and get vivid emotions from performing at the event!

The number of participants is limited. Hurry up to apply for one of the brightest and most memorable BRICS events! We are looking forward to seeing you at the BRICS PROJECT LAB in April!

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