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Centre for INDIA-BRICS Cooperation (BRICS CENTRE)

At the Centre for "INDIA-BRICS" Cooperation (BRICS Centre) within the IYES Foundation, our unwavering commitment lies in fostering opportunities for people across the BRICS nations.

The Centre for "INDIA-BRICS" Cooperation (BRICS Centre) have the following aims, objectives, and main activities:



1. Foster stronger diplomatic ties and strategic partnerships among India and other BRICS nations.
2. Promote economic cooperation, trade, and investment within the BRICS framework.
3. Facilitate cultural exchanges and people-to-people connections to enhance mutual understanding and collaboration.
4. Address global challenges through joint initiatives and coordinated efforts within the BRICS framework.
5. Serve as a platform for dialogue, negotiation, and conflict resolution among member countries.


1. Enhance political dialogue and cooperation on regional and global issues of mutual interest, such as climate change, terrorism, and sustainable development.
2. Promote trade and investment by facilitating business forums, trade delegations, and investment summits.
3. Support academic and research collaboration through joint studies, exchange programs, and knowledge sharing in areas like science, technology, and innovation.
4. Facilitate cultural exchanges, including arts exhibitions, film festivals, and cultural performances, to celebrate the rich diversity of BRICS nations.
5. Strengthen cooperation in fields such as agriculture, healthcare, education, and infrastructure development to address common challenges and promote inclusive growth.

Main Activities:

1. Organizing high-level summits, conferences, and workshops on priority issues for the BRICS nations.
2. Establishing research centers and think tanks to generate policy recommendations and promote intellectual exchange.
3. Facilitating trade missions, business matchmaking events, and investment promotion activities to stimulate economic cooperation.
4. Supporting educational and cultural exchange programs, including scholarships, student exchanges, and artist residencies.
5. Coordinating joint projects and initiatives in areas such as renewable energy, cybersecurity, and disaster management.
6. Engaging in diplomatic efforts to strengthen BRICS cooperation within multilateral forums like the United Nations, G20, and World Trade Organization.

Country Coordinators


Abdelrahman Reda 

Country Coordinator, EGYPT

Abdelrahman, a graduate of Ain Shams University and a final-year master's student at St. Petersburg State University, brings a wealth of experience. He underwent a 6-month training at the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Egypt as a policy researcher. Since 2019, he's been a member of the International Victory Volunteers team in Egypt, serving as the team's spokesperson from 2021. Abdelrahman holds letters of gratitude for his efforts in enhancing humanitarian ties between Russia and Egypt. Additionally, he is a certified translator (Arabic-Russian) in St. Petersburg and has won over 5 international competitions in Russian language and literature. Notably, he emerged as the winner of the All-Egyptian Olympiad in Russian language in 2021 and 2022. Abdelrahman has actively participated in numerous international forums, competitions, and exhibitions, showcasing his dedication to cross-cultural exchange and academic excellence.

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Arfat Bhat

Country Coordinator,  INDIA

Arfat Bhat, a PhD candidate at Jawaharlal Nehru University's School of International Studies, specializes in the geopolitics of the Eurasian region, particularly focusing on Central Asia's society, culture, and politics, with extensive research on the Belt and Road Initiative and China's influence in the region. Holding an MPhil in Russian and Central Asian Studies from the same university and an MA in Political Science from the University of Kashmir, Arfat is also a recipient of the prestigious Maulana Azad National Fellowship for Minority Students. He has presented papers at national and international conferences, covering topics such as India's Central Asian policy and BRICS nations' challenges. Additionally, Arfat has contributed to publications, including articles and a book on Central Asian affairs. 

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Jianqi Liu

Country Coordinator,  CHINA

With a Bachelor's degree in Law and a Master's degree in International Relations from the Peoples' Friendship University of Russia, Mr. Liu brings a wealth of expertise to his role. His active involvement in international conferences and publications in esteemed academic journals reflects his dedication to scholarly pursuits, particularly in "Chinese diplomacy and international relations."

Previously, Mr. Liu served as the Head of Human Resources for a consulting firm in Nanjing, China, where he excelled in crafting HR strategies and ensuring compliance with legal frameworks. Additionally, his passion for cultural pursuits, demonstrated through managing a language arts instruction studio and winning the Zibo TV Host Competition, underscores his multifaceted talents.

Mr. Jianqi Liu's blend of academic acumen, professional experience, and cultural appreciation makes him an invaluable asset to the IYESF team.

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Darya Aleksandrovna Katkova

Country Coordinator, RUSSIA

Darya Aleksandrovna Katkova brings extensive experience in youth empowerment and intercultural exchange. As Head of the International Youth Center SuperNOVA, she fosters collaboration among young individuals. With a background in career guidance and non-formal education, Darya facilitates growth opportunities for youth at the Moscow Regional Branch of the Presidential Academy and the Moscow Regional Training Center of the Association of Trainers of the Russian Youth Union. Her passion for cultural understanding shines in her role as a Tourist Accompanist with Trip for Students, enriching experiences through immersive exchanges. Darya's expertise and dedication to youth empowerment make her an invaluable asset as we promote collaboration among global youth.

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