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Assistant Professor

Department of Commerce, Aligarh Muslim University

Dr. Mohd Nayyer Rahman is working as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Commerce, Aligarh Muslim University.

His area of research is International Economics, International Business and Applied Econometrics.

He is Guest Editor for Special Issue on "COVID 19 and Its Impact on the Economies of the Developing World" in International Journal of Global Environmental Issues (Inderscience: Scopus Indexed) and "FDI [Divestment] Inflows and Outflows in Developing Economies" in Journal of Chinese Economic and Foreign Trade Studies (Emerald: Web of Science, Scopus Indexed).

He is also Associate Editor of Journal of Advances in Management Sciences & Information Systems, Ontario, Canada.

He has served as the Guest Editor for Special Issue on "BRICS: The Emerging Block" for Management and Economics Research Journal, USA.

He completed his training on Regional Trade Agreements (RTAs) in the times of Pandemic from United Nations-Economic and Social Council of Asia-Pacific (UN-ESCAP), Asia-Pacific Commission, Thailand in 2021. He has represented India as a Young Researcher on BRICS Studies for two consecutive years (2018 & 2019) in BRICS International School hosted by Russian Federation under the grant of Gorbochov Foundation and National Committee on BRICS Research, Moscow. He received the first position in the BRICS Young Research Competition 2020 where his research on "BRICS Trade applying Gravity Model" was directly published in BRICS Journal. His research publications have covered empirical evidence on BRICS studies, causality relationship of macroeconomic variables and Latin American countries, to name a few. He became a BRICS Energy Author in 2020 for BRICS Youth Energy Association, Moscow and his articles are published therein. His Scientific Membership includes UNCTAD Virtual Institute, United Nations; The Econometrics Society, USA; Chinese Economist Society, China and European Economic Association, European Association. Before joining the Department he was ICSSR-Postdoctoral Fellow and served as Assistant Professor, Department of Management, Integral University. His thesis has already been published under the title Impact of FDI Inflows on India's Balance of Payments: An Applied Time Series Econometrics Approach. His interest includes Reading, Public Speaking and Business Consulting. He has played professional Basketball for several clubs and is currently a Mixed Martial Arts amateur.

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